Australia's Premier Roofing Paint & Roof Restoration System

Introducing the ultra-premium roofing paint & roof restoration system built especially for the tough Australian climate. We’ve been in the roof restoration business for 35 years and struggled to find any product range that would deliver the right quality, longevity, and guarantee that we needed. So, we created our own.

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Premium products designed for the harsh Australian climate

A product range designed to help your roof last longer in the tough Australian sun. We’re so confident in our products we guarantee them for 15 years – the longest roof restoration guarantee in the Australian market.

Our 15 year4 coat systemguarantee

Utilising our 4 coat system, we can offer an unprecedented 15 year product warranty on Terry’s Topcoats products.

Our 4 coat system includes:

  • 1 x coat of SEALA™, PRIMITIVE™ or RUSTY™ (Primer/Sealer)
  • 2 x coats of TOP COLOUR™ or CLIMATE CHANGER™ (Topcoat)
  • 1 x coat of NANOFILM™ (Protective Topcoat)

This amazing 15 year product warranty is only available when you use one of our accredited applicators.

Our Process

Follow our 7 step process, including our 4 coat system, and we’ll guarantee your roof for 15 years.

1. Installation of Safety Equipment

Where necessary, temporary edge protection or safety harnesses are used to ensure work can be done safely.

2. Inspect & Repair

Inspection for damaged tiles, loose or missing bedding. Where necessary, replace the damaged tiles or faulty valley irons.

3. High Pressure Clean

Next, the roof is cleaned using high pressure water blasters. This removes any built up dirt and moss.

4. Re-Bed & Re-Point

Where necessary, ridge capping is re-bedded and re-pointed with POINTFLEX™.

5. Sealer/Primer is Applied

A coat of SEALA™ is now applied to the roof to allow time for it to soak into the porous tile. For metal and fibro roofs we apply PRIMITIVE™.

6. Roof Topcoat

Two thick coats of TOP COLOUR™ are applied in a colour of your choice. Or choose CLIMATE CHANGER™ for a truly heat resistant roof.

7. Protective Glaze

Last, our patented NANOFILM™ is applied to protect the roof and extend the product warranty to a massive 15 years.



SEALA™ is an Ultra Premium high solids, water based acrylic sealer/primer with superior filling and sealing properties.

Incorporating our fade resistant technology SEALA™ repels the calcium salts that leech from the tile causing premature colour fading. The high solids ratio gives superior filling and sealing properties, resulting in a much better finish as less top coat is sucked up by ‘hungry’ tiles.

The pure acrylic resin used in SEALA™ contains adhesion promoters and its fine particle size ensures deep penetration into the surface of the tile and is drinking water safe.

A great range of colours

Our topcoats come in a great range of colours, including our Contemporary, Heritage and Colorbond® ranges. Whether you’re after a classic or modern look, Terry’s Topcoats™ will help you reinvigorate your home.

Trusted by Terry

I’ve been painting Australian roofs and homes for over 35 years since 1984. I’ve worked in some of the hottest and most humid conditions that Australia can throw at you — and I’ve seen many a good paint, primer and roof supply falter under its harsh conditions. In all this time I never found a range of products that came with the right quality, longevity and guarantee that I wanted — so I’ve created my own.

Terry’s Topcoats is the result of 35 years knowledge, experience and an unfaltering commitment to quality workmanship. We’re so confident of their quality we’ve guaranteed them for 15 years. Why not try them yourself and see the difference.

Andrew Terry, Co-founder